The Session is composed of a group of ordained Elders who have spiritual and governmental oversight of the church. Proposed members of the Session are nominated by a nominating committee composed of representative members of the congregation. The proposed members of Session are then voted on by the congregation as a whole. Each Session member (Elder) has a three-year term and is able to extend their service to another three-year term, not to exceed 2 terms. The Session is composed of the Clerk of Session (an elder, but does not need to be a ruling elder) who represents the session in all matters and is an officer of the church. The Pastor, who is the moderator and remaining session members comprise the remainder of the Board of Session. The Treasurer may or may not be a member of Session and does not need to be an Elder, but plays an important role is the decisions of the Session concerning financial matters. The Session regularly meets monthly. The Session elects an Elder delegate to the Presbytery meetings. The Presbytery is a regional body at which both the Elder (Presbyter) and Pastor vote on all issues. All important issues of the church come before the session and are voted on determining the direction of the church. The items determined by Session range from accepting new members, granting marriages, mission opportunities to fixing the roof.

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