History of First Presbyterian Church

2.4HistoryThe First Presbyterian Church was the first Protestant church in Chippewa Falls. It was chartered in 1855, starting with services by Rev. McNair every other week at the Duncan Creek log cabin school. In 1858, through the donation of land and lumber by Mr. J. S. Allen, and donated labor by local volunteers, the first church structure was erected at its current site.

In the 1880’s, under the leadership of Rev. Brown that building was sold and moved, and the current structure erected. Its architecture was patterned after Chicago’s 6th Presbyterian Church. The next major event was the purchase and installation of its current pipe organ in 1889.

With continued success as demonstrated by an enlarging church membership, expansion of the church’s structure became necessary. An education unit was added in 1956, allowing space for the demands of Sunday School, as well as creating a kitchen and common rooms for activities. Finally, this area was rebuilt in 2003 to its current enlarged and spacious rooms. The original sanctuary structure of 1888 was preserved and the renovated addition designed and built with an eye to remaining true to the materials and style of the original building.

Our Church was formed in a response to the needs of Chippewa Falls and has striven to keep in tune with changes over the decades. It has remained a city Church with a commitment to the community.

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